Untitled - 3

The chasm yawned. The man fell.
Nobody cared about his shriek ,
that was muffled by the untimely town bell.
And so he lay, that fateful day.
At the bottom, unconscious,limbs awkwardly splayed.

As he lay there, motionless, seemingly so,
The threads in his mind continued to drift and flow,
Each weaving a tale of their own, 
Mingling with one another, greeting each as they go.

One thread decided to talk about his daughter.
The toddler who had no idea about her father. 
The man, who tried to put two square meals on her plate.
But failed everyday and her hunger he could not sate.

One thread decided to talk about his wife.
The woman he'd loved, once upon a time.
The woman who'd loved him like a partner-in-crime,
But now hated him 'coz he couldn't bring home a dime.

Two threads, intertwined tugged at ego and guilt.
One blamed the wife, the other hinted at the tilt
of the glass that he'd then poured into his mouth,
Over and over till he couldn't do naught, but ramble and shout.

Deep down, a thread just sat there silent.
Watching the threads above floating without consent.
It sighed, coz it knew what must be done. 
It rose above and started swirling till it hurt,
Till he felt it, till he knew, till he yelled out for someone.

The threads reconciled. The thoughts settled down.
Guilt had set them straight. Ego and Hate lay down their crown. 
The baby deserved better. So did she.
As helpful hands helped him out, he saw light...the glass would stay down.

I should be doing something else...

Oh, are you one of those types too? 
That gets distracted now and then? 
Do you think you have a list to finish, 
But next to the deadline, you just mark "WHEN!?" ?
Oh, are you one of those types too? 
Who just tries to get a grip, 
On the things to do, but you're always left
on the docks, gazing at that ship?
Maybe you're one of those types too, 
Who loves dreaming up weird stuff, 
Who keeps finishing off newer things 
That the to-do list seems tough.
To you, and you and you and you , 
This is what I have to say. 
It's alright to fall behind. It's alright to tinker and play.
But keep moving forward. And do finish that list. 
Your life's trickling away.  

Untitled - 2

No words. No sound. 
Save for the lone howling hound, 
That moaned its hunger out on the street, 
While in the hospital, everyone's hearts skipped a beat.
The man paced the corridors, 
While the nerve in his temple throbbed, 
The woman lay inside, ignorant
While her aged parents sobbed.
The doctor wiped away a brow of sweat,
The nurses in huddled masses met, 
All waiting with bated breath, 
Not knowing if the sun would rise or set....
"Waaaaaa", the baby cried. 
"Finally!!! ", the nurses said. 
The doctor rushed outside with the news. 
Now the parents sobbed with happiness instead.

Untitled - 1

For pages do not move until moved
The words stay still
The eyes must travel from left to right
And must not stop until
The book is read
All men are dead
And the tale that begun is done and said
We sit and we read
Like the captivated pawns we are
Coz We may not earn enough to roam
But in books we travel distances so far.....

The Imitation Game

A story of war. 
A story of passion. 
Of dedication. 
And a lack of compassion.
A man so misunderstood. 
One who should have been revered as God. 
But they tested him as much as they could. 
Yet if it weren't for him, our generation would still be flawed.
If you watch nothing else, watch this movie. 
Cumberbatch portrays brilliantly, Turing's fight.
An enigma he plays in Sherlock.
The Enigma he helps crack in this visual delight.

Bye 2014. (no ode for you)

Death . Suffering. Misery. Pain.
All of this, in this year did reign.
But every now and then, we've had reason to hope.
Our friends and families, we must thank. They're the reasons we cope -
with the challenges that life throws at us,
Relentlessly. Tirelessly. Seemingly effortlessly.
I've always been something of an optimist. Or so I'd like to think.
But 2014 seemed to get gloomier with every other blink.
I've always felt sad to see an year off.
But this time I'm happy coz I've kinda had enough.
I've had a decent year myself. I liked it personally.
But the rest of the world has had it rough - murders, bomb blasts, and planes lost serially.
So adios 2014. It's time to bid you bye.
Your successor will be better. It's Two zero one five!!

Probably my most gloomy post and something I wouldn't wish on anyone.

My hand at poetry after quite some time -

My hand at poetry after quite some time -
Go to sleep, dear child
Sleep well and soon.
Because mommy will want to see you too.
It's been only 6 hours since she saw you last,
But it seems like a lifetime has already passed.
It's already been 6 hours since I was blessed with you.
But seeing you is my bliss.. Time just flew.
Mommy wanted to see you smile
I guess she's had to wait a while...
So, go to sleep, dear child.
And dream a dream full of love.
So mommy can have her wish as she watches from above....

The Gambler's Remorse-

He had it all..he lost it all..
In the blink of an eye..He could do nothing but sigh..
He knew what he'd done
He knew how it'd begun..
It wasn't expected though..But his regret he didn't show...
He walked back from the tracks..
Slowly,he was in no hurry..
But he gradually picked up his pace..
Coz' back home was a family that would worry..
All the while he thought about how he'd explain
That fatal last bet..the reason for his pain..
Why didn't he stop when he was on a roll?
Why did he dig himself into a hole?
Immersed in his thoughts..He'd walked more than a mile..
He didn't really know how far...He'd been lost for a while..
He reflected on his past..All the mistakes he'd made.
He debated taking his life..But only cowards die..The brave ones stayed..
He vowed that day,never to gamble again..
All they'd given him was an irremovable stain..
He'd turn his life around..He'd atone for his sin..
He'd care for every penny..A new chapter would begin..

Ode to 2012-

The year was good.
The year was bad
We've had reasons to be happy
We've had reasons to be sad.
Politicians viewing "stuff" during proceedings,
Pranab's and Obama's presidential succeedings..
The Dark Knight rose amid James Holmes' cruel antics.
And Indians won 6 medals in the London Olympics.
Kasab was bid goodbye. Something long overdue.
SMSes were banned for a while over rumors that were untrue..
"Sandy" and "Nilam" took people for a spin..
The world endured. Now it seems to imploding from within
Shocking crimes, so many were observed.
R.I.P 2012 . Justice will be served.
This last month's brought us so much misery and pain.
But 2013 will be brighter. She will not have died in vain.

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